terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

Notícias de Italia

WHO/HBSC Forum 2007 Follow-up process

On our website you can find all of the single interviews as well as the
final 'Follow-up Interview Report', which is based on all the findings
that emerged from your contributions. Please follow the link:

The contents of this report have been made available to the members of
the WHO/HBSC Forum Task Force, to take into consideration in the design
of the 2009 Forum on 'Environmental and socioeconomic determinants
adolescent health'
(title to be confirmed).
Within WHO and other co-organizing bodies, it has been made available to management, serving
to help monitor the in-country benefits of resources spent on such
processes and identify how similar multi-partner activities might be
improved for efficiency and effectiveness.
The report of interview findings has also been drawn from for an article in the forthcoming HBSC supplement of the International Journal of Public Health.

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