quinta-feira, 2 de abril de 2009

Informação "e-teen"

For access to information and tips for parents, teachers, and others, visit:

To access our Database of Research for the evidence base on the positive and
negative effects of media, searchable by natural language queries (Will
watching TV make my child fat?) as well as key words, subjects, or authors
at: http://www.cmch.tv/mentors/search.asp

To access the free monthly e-newsletter for parents, teachers, and anyone
who works with kids, click below or go to: http://www.cmch.tv/newsletter.asp

Foe an up-to-date blog of research and news for clinicians and researchers,
click below or go to:

Finally, if you are a Facebook member, the CMCH Facebook page regularly
updates with a mix of scientific evidence, news, and tips for those who care
for kids, click below or go to:

To go to a single page where you can get direct hotlinks to all of the
above, go to: www.cmch.tv/interact

Please pass these on to anyone who can benefit (which is virtually anyone).
They are there to help us all create happier, healthier children and
adolescents and a better media environment for all.

Michael Rich (SAM)

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