quarta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2009

CEP-RUA/Psicologia/UFRGS- Psychologists and at-risk populations

Este é o povo que faz o CEP-RUA ser um sucesso!

CEP-RUA members!

Informação geral

The center unites psychologists, undergraduate and graduate students and other professionals invested in research and intervention regarding at risk populations, with a focus on promotion of health, rights, resilience, social policies, and ecological support networks. The mission is to conduct teaching, research, and outreach to improve the situation of at-risk populations. Thus, dissemination and advocacy is a core outcome of all research activities. An up-to-date information center and webpage is available to the community, providing references and resources on scientific findings, news, and social policy. Training and support to interventions, projects, and services are offered. This experience of working with at risk populations issues, with and through University programs, implemented actions on a culture of respect and knowledge in everyday classrooms and in the curricula. The Center, as reference, is approached by families, community leaders, police, advocates, teachers, institutional staff, and members of civil society, government, other universities and international organizations. Even though much advancement have been conquered in relation to protection and guarantee of such rights, Brazilian Universities programs are far beyond from the ideal determined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CDC) and by Brazilian Statute, in educating the students and future professionals.


Ramiro Barcelos, 2600/104
Porto Alegre, Brazil

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