terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Issues related to young people health: Gambling & others emerging issues - The 2011-2012 research plan

Adolescent's health: new emerging issues will be the focus of next year surveys and focus groups:

- Gambling

- Internet addiction

- Food addiction

- Cyberbullying

- Injuries and accidents

- Self harm

- Hopelessness

- Anxiety and Worries

BUT also:

- Love and friendship/ Social and Sexual life

- Political engagement & Civic participation

- Future expectations & Well-being

- Labour & Leisure

- Personal assets & Resilience

- Social Capital and Socila cohesion

- Social and Personal competence

- Self-regulation


To know more about GAMBLING and its consequences upon mental and social life:

A lot of useful information here plus excellent references.

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